Our aim is to launch an innovative, environmentally responsible and resource efficient building system, into the market, from design and construction to operation and maintenance.

We believe that designing and building a new home should be exciting and rewarding, not stressful and open ended. Due to our experience, we have streamlined the design and building process, shortening project time, reducing waste – and saving money. We work with you to analyze your needs, determine the most cost effective approach for the highest value.

Our goal is to manufacture environmentally friendly products and systems for construction, providing a higher standard of living and introducing a new level of safety and quality.

We do consider life to be more valuable than anything else which is tangible, therefore we highly recommend green, sustainable solutions, which are adapted for the specific market needs so that they can save our planet’s resources and provide with efficient results.

Our efforts are always directed towards assisting you with each step of your project.

We offer you four types of services


We can provide you with our products: SIP,  EVOTHERM PLUS/O,    DIP, in standard dimensions.

More information about our materials can be found in Our Products section.


Based on your architectural plans we can pre-cut our products to the desired size, ready for you to install. Technical support can be offered if needed.


Based on your architectural plans, we will to cut the materials and our expert team will visit the site and complete the structural work of the building (cast concrete base necessary).


We take care of everything for you, removing all the worry and hassle. Our technical department will undertake the work necessary and together with our strategic partners we will offer you the most competitive prices for everything needed to complete your home.