GREEN PANEL provides you with a GREEN and NEW insulation solution, a revolutionary new board that protects the building from outside factors by its fire resistance properties.

EVOTHERM is created by ecological standards and combines thermal and acoustic insulation. It is a NEW integrated insulation system for the whole cell of the building.

EVOTHERM comes in two types:

  • EVOTHERM PLUS used for walls only

  • EVOTHERM O used for inclined or flat roofs, light metal structure and timber framed walls.


  • Green product
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • High fire resistance (REI 90/90/90)
  • Architectural flexibility
  • Time efficient
  • Cost efficient

Increased strength and resistance during seasonal weather change, allowing natural thermal expanding and contracting all trough the year.

The panels can be easily fixed to any surface, no matter the shape. Panels can be specially produced for any type of structure. If the surface of the wall is not perfect, it does not require supplementary repairs, EVOTHERM panels sufficiently fix and cover any surface. It doesn’t distort or deform through time, keeping its insulation properties intact.

The low weight of the panels has a minimum effect on the overall weight of the building.