Structural strength 

  • SIPS are load bearing walls, their structural characteristics are similar to a steel I-beam. The skins act like the flanges of an I-beam, and the rigid core provides the web of the I-beam configuration. This composite assembly yields stiffness, strength, and predictable performance.
  • The structural integrity of SIP buildings is significantly superior to a conventionally framed building in term of shear resistance, flexural strength, compression and uplift resistance.
  • SIP is fully designed and fabricated in a controlled factory conditions, ensuring accurate dimension and tolerances, therefore the end product that arrives on site is accurate and defect free; this assures the quality of your building.
  • SIP constructions are certified for 60 years lifespan, while the concrete buildings have a scientific lifespan of 50 years.
  • University studies have proven that such buildings are significantly superior to the conventional constructions, therefore you will feel more secure in a SIP home.
  • Not only do test results show panels are stronger, but natural disasters have proven it time and again. Homes built with SIPs withstood the Great Hanshin (Kobe, Japan) and North Ridge earthquakes, as well as Hurricane Katrina.

Fire resistance

  • Our Structural Insulated Panels meet the building regulations requirements with regard to fire resistance. When lined with a conventional 15mm gypsum board you get fire resistance rating REI 60/60/60 (Exova Warringtonfire).
  • Our SIPs have been tested and classified as an effective fire resistant element.

Fixed cost, predictable

SIP panels are pre-fabricated, manufactured under factory controlled conditions. Construction cost and quantity of materials are calculated with accuracy, eliminating cutting and fabrication on site. This guarantees that no unexpected costs will appear.

Low cost of initial investment

  • Building with SIP reduces the cost by 30% compared to conventional building methods.

Fast rate of construction

  • All elements arrive at the construction site ready to erect.

Space maximization

  • Space maximization because of the thickness of the walls, you can save up to 3% over the total square meters of the house.

Lower related costs

  • Less work specialties are needed and less transportation of materials.
  • No extra works needed on the construction site.
  • Cutting and fabricating, based on your construction drawings, are done for you in a SIP manufacturing plant. That reduces site labor and time building materials are not exposed to the weather on the job site.
  • SIP systems allow the use of less skilled workers during construction

Less job-site waste

  • There is much less waste in a SIP-designed building than a conventional building, keeping landfills cleaner.

Lower running costs

  • With our SIP you can save up to 50% of your utility bills compared to conventional building methods.

Internal covering

  • Being factory produced and controlled SIP panels have intact surfaces which makes it is easier to install tiles, kitchen, and sanitary facilities.

Best Thermal Insulation

  • Due to their components and the homogeneous material layers, SIPs have a low U value that gives you an excellent thermal performance, therefore lower monthly energy bills.
  • Our 120mm thickness SIP has an u-value=0.22 W/m2/K. The U-value of a SIP varies depending on the thickness of the panel.
  • Surfaces with SIP do not absorb energy.
  • The insulation values for SIP panels are far superior to conventional framing and insulating methods.
  • SIP building is virtually airtight, giving the occupants full control over the interior environment. This energy efficiency will become increasingly important as the cost of heating fuels inevitably increase.
  • When you build with our SIP, you can save up to 50% of your bills, comparing to conventional methods.
  • When our SIP is used together with extra insulation, you can save up to 80% of your bills, comparing to conventional methods.
  • Because SIPs create a tighter building envelope than conventional insulation, you can actually reduce the size of heating and cooling equipment.

Build in less time

Provision of pipes

  • You save over 60% of time to complete your house, compared to the conventional methods.
  • The SIP wall is load-bearing and pre-insulated, meaning no extra need for insulation on construction site, comparing to conventional building methods where extra insulation is necessary.
  • Erection time is known in advance. Therefore SIP technology offers an accurate delivery date of your project.
  • Because there is provision of pipes in the walls, room functionality can be changed quickly and easily.

Any design is possible

  • Our SIP gives you unlimited design possibilities as well as circular walls, curved roofs and domes.
  • Any changes can be made to existing properties: extra rooms, levels or attics, within a short time, in order to reach the final desired result.
  • Possibility of adding extra rooms or modifying existing ones fast and easy.
  • There is provision of pipes in all the walls in the house so you can change room functionality at any time.
  • In construction, wiring is pulled through a conduit. Provisional pipes are built into the foam cores of a SIP panel. Electricians use a fish tape and feed the wires through the pipes without compressing insulation or drilling through studs.

With respect to the environment 

  • SIP technology sustains the earth’s natural resources.
  • Their facing (OSB) are made from renewable, farm-grown younger trees, and none of their components contribute to environmental degradation.
  • 65% of the materials can be used again after lifespan period, compared to 25% on concrete, 35% on steel structure.
  • No heavy industry for producing steel, cement, aggregates, bricks etc. needed.
  • SIP comes from one source only, as an integrated building system, therefore there is less impact on the environment.
  • Less air & water pollution, gas emission, C02 emission compared to other systems (concrete, bricks, steel) on the construction stage as well as on the running period of the building (due to the excellent energy efficiency and air-tightness).
  • Less transportation and less waste materials being put into our landfills.
  • SIP System is highly compatible with the photo voltaic systems, solar systems: close to zero energy buildings.

Best acoustic insulation

  • SIP reduces sound by 38 db.
  • SIP + Gypsum Board by 55 db.
  • SIP + Evotherm by 62 db, according to a recording studio specifications.
  • Our floor system with the use of rock wool and sound absorption tape and membrane, reduces sound by 55 db.
  • The floor rigidity eliminates vibrations.

Indoor air quality

  • Inhabitants of SIP homes and buildings report a high level of comfort. Heating and cooling is more evenly distributed in a SIP building without the hot and cold spots found in conventional buildings.
  • Studies linking respiratory disease, allergies and other diseases to indoor air quality have spawned an array of less toxic products and improved indoor ventilation.
  •  Our panels are airtight giving you precise control over the indoor air quality of your home, which helps keeping out allergens, humidity, dust, etc.