Marley Modular Systems at Vision Exhibition June 2018

At Vision we will be showcasing our Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS). This is a high performance, composite building panel made from a core of rigid polyisocyanurate foam, sandwiched between two structural skins of Oriented Strand Board. The result is a building system that is very strong, lightweight, energy efficient and cost effective.

Marley SIPS can be supplied in prefabricated wall or roof sections complete with structural openings for doors and windows. The panels are manufactured in a state of the art factory and fabricated to exact customer dimensions for each project.

Ifestos Constructions UK Exhibition 2015

Ifestos Innovative Building is a Company established to promote the sustainable development, to cover all market sectors of the building industry from a simple house to commercial buildings. The aim is to provide the ultimate solution within the building industry focusing its vision to reduce the carbon footprint by engaging with each market sector to “Design and Deliver” Off site & On site construction package as the most sustainable solution.

The commitment of Ifestos to the sustainable development and the worlds ever changing environmental policy are central to our belief in progress in the sustainable economic growth.

Ifestos regularly engages with various sectors within the Research & Development. We do this ensure that we remain focused as a provider of added value of sustainable design and build. With strong ethical approach to our clients and the environment, we aim to make the right choices on the sustainable development easier for our clients.

Australia Master builders Design & Build Expo 2014

We understand the responsibility of creating environments in which our clients will live, work and play in.

We incorporate natural ventilation, sustainable water options, passive solar design principles and play with light and shadow to create interactive spaces that reflect the season and time of the day.

We create a strong connection between outside and inside and design flexible spaces with future uses in mind.

We attempt to incorporate minimum impact materials, consider material efficiency by basing our designs on product sizes that reduce wastage and are appropriate for the life cycle of the building.

We are always looking for new and innovative materials and products that contribute to our design objectives.