• SIPS are load bearing walls designed and fabricated in a controlled factory environment, the end product arrives on site defect free, assuring the quality of your building.
  • The structural integrity of SIP buildings is signnificaly superior to a conventionaly framed buiding.
  • SIP constructions are certified for 60 years lifespan.
  • When lined with a conventional 15mm gypsum board you get fire resistance ratting REI 60/60/60 (Exova Warringtonfire).
  • A team of professionals taking in consideration SIP properties will assure you for the safety of your building.

Construction Costs

  • Building with SIP you have predictable costs, 30% less than conventional building methods.
  • All segments arrive at the construction site ready to erect.
  • No extra works needed on the construction site.
  • Because of the intact surfaces it’s easier to install tiles, kitchen, and sanitary facilities.
  • SIP is an integrated building system that comes from one source.

Running Costs

  • When you build with our SIP, you can save up to 50% of your bills, comparing to conventional methods.
  • When our SIP is used together with extra insulation, you can save up to 80% of your bills, comparing to conventional methods.
  • Easy to modify.
  • Easy to repair.


  • Our 120mm thickness SIP has an u-value= 0.22 W/m2/K.
  • Surfaces with SIP do not absorb energy.
  • The insulation values for SIP panels are far superior to conventional framing and insulating methods.
  • SIP building is virtually airtight, giving the occupants more control over the interior environment.
  • With our SIP you can save up to 50% of your bills.
  • This energy efficiency will become increasingly important as the cost of heating fuels inevitably increase.


  • Build in less time.
  • The SIP wall is load-bearing and pre-insulated, meaning no extra need for insulation on construction site, comparing to conventional methods where extra insulation is necessary.
  • Erection times are known in advance, therefore SIP technology offers an accurate delivery date of your tum-key building.
  • Because there is provision of pipes in the walls, room functionality can be changed quickly and easily.

  • Our SIP can give you unlimited design possibilities, including circular walls and roofs (domes).
  • Any changes can be made to existing properties: extra rooms or floors, attic, within a short time to reach the final desired result.
  • There is provision of pipes in all the walls so you can change room functionality at any time.

  • Their facing (OSB) are made from renewable younger farm-grown trees, 65% of the materials can be used again after lifespan period, compared to 25% on concrete, 35% on steel structure.
  • No “heavy” industry production for iron, cement, aggregates, bricks etc. needed.
  • SIP comes from one source only, as an integrated building system, therefore there is less impact on the environment less transportation and less waste materials being put into our landfills.

  • SIP reduces sound by 38 decibels.
  • SIP + Gypsum Board by 55 decibels.
  • SIP + Evotherm by 62 decibel (you get this result in a recording studio).
  • Our floor system with the use of rock wool and sound absorption tape and membrane, reduces sound by 55 decibels.
  • The floor rigidity eliminates vibrations.


  • Studies linking respiratory disease, allergies and other diseases to indoor air quality have spawned an array of less toxic products and improved indoor ventilation.
  • Our panels are very airtight giving you precise control over the indoor air quality of your home, which helps to keep out allergens, humidity, dust, etc.