Product description

Descriere Evotherm

EVOTHERM Panels consist of 3 layers:

Tyvek water proof membrane, made by internationally distinguished DuPont.


  • Thickness : 0,17 mm
  • Protects from humidity
  • Avoids condensation, allows walls to breathe
  • Long term resistance during construction
  • Durability


PIR foam, produced by materials developed and provided by BAYER.


  • Dimensions: 50 mm
  • Density: 46 kg / m3
  • Has one of the best thermal conductivity (λ=0,022 W/mK)
  • Offers a continuous insulating process, without thermal bridges.
  • Its insulating properties are preserved much longer than those of other insulating materials or alternative methods.


MGO board, produced by Enron


  • A revolutionary new board that protects the building from outside factors by its fireproof properties
  • Dimensions:
    » Thickness: 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm
    » Standard length: 2,44 m
    » Standard width: 1,22 m
    » GREEN product
    » Made by recycle materials